About US


Racial Justice

We are a non-profit making organization with the aim of educating the public on racial justice and racism worldwide.

Racism starts with us. Our mission is to create awareness of the importance of equality among races. Our main areas of focus include:

  • Freedom
  • Racial justice
  • Racism
  • Equality

How do we do it?

First, we identify the racist communities in the continent. Secondly, we engage them in a needs assessment. Lastly, we have a round table with the relevant stakeholders for a lasting solution.

This is just one of the options; we have online campaigns with educational materials on what our programs entail. The process of seeking racial justice is not a walk in the park; it needs hard work, resilience, and patience.

The success of our programs needs the will of the government of the day. The reason for this is the fact that some of our programs require the arm of the legislature in the government for them to be a law. It is the only way to find a lasting solution to racism. We want a lasting solution for generations to come.

 Why is the interest in racial Justice?

You never know how it feels when working in a racist world until you are a victim. Racism comes in two forms for example

  • Individual racism
  • Industrial racism

The main reason why it is important to understand racism include

Promote equality

How do you feel when you are mistreated just because of your race? No one applies to be born in a tribe or race or a specific community. What society should do is embrace them and provide an equal chance to all of them.

Racism and gender imbalance top the list of some of the historical injustices in human history.

Our approach tends to focus on inclusivity in service delivery, allocation of national resources, and provision of equal job opportunities despite one race.

The success of our program is rated on the number of countries with antiracism laws to cushion non-residents from any form of racism.

Enhances international co-operation

Every part of the continent has a particular skill – or specialty- that another continent benefits. Once your country is known for racism then you are bound to have only local people within your region. This reduces the skilled personnel who build your economy through foreign exchange.

Let’s have a critical look at the whole situation. You might be a developed country and think you need no manpower. It is correct, come to think of it, who will be your shop attendants, housemaids, casual laborers, and house boys? You will need people from different countries to fill the gap between unskilled labor. Who will want to come to a country with that kind of racism?

Prevents a looming crisis

The Racial Justice Project comes in handy for it uses a positive approach in articulating issues on racism. Most of the time; when the round-table approach fails, then the public goes to the streets.

This is what the project aims to prevent. Why must you protest when you can engage the leaders and relevant stakeholders to have the issues solved?

Acceptance of all races

Naturally, everyone has a weakness irrespective of race. This project enlightens the public on the need to coexist for we need each other at whatever level. In our recent program, we managed to have a conference that brings all races together.

The fact that we can all sit on one table and listen to the other without any form of undermining is a plus in our approach towards racial justice.

A voice to the voiceless

We cannot say that we do not face resistance, when all forms of positive approach fail then we use the law of the land. The project has its own contracted legal experts to help you in handling cases related to racism without paying a single cent.

There is no way you will undergo a racist case without the input of the project’s personnel. In simple terms, they act as a watchdog against any cases of racism in the world. In areas where they have no physical office, they have contracted some companies to work on their behalf in line with their mission, vision and goals.                 

A good lesson to racists

Once you have seen and heard of a racist case plus its impact- it has hefty legal fines and compensation- you cannot afford to follow suit.

The positive impact of our project on society is the fact that they know there is a watchdog to protect them against any form of racial discrimination. Moreover, to the racists, they have no option but to do the right thing when it comes to racial issues.