Racial Justice Project

Racial Justice



Send awareness to people about what is happening to the world with racism and racial justice—educating people about what equality means and having them practice it. Stoping the boundary of race and stoping racism all over the world. Whoever will read and learn anything from this site will be given the responsibility of sharing and educating others.



Help to Stop

To stop racism, it needs to start with yourself. Treat others equally as when others see you as a good example, and they will eventually follow your good deed. Another way of helping ending racism is by educating other people, start spreading words, and or teach others into respecting others whatever race they are.
Importance of understanding Racism
1. Promote equality

2. Enhances international co-operation

3. Prevents a looming crisis

4. Acceptance of all races

5. A voice to the voiceless

6. A good lesson to racists